Dec 4, 2021–Jan 23, 2022


In his drawings, Sergei Tchoban explores the real and imaginary structures of urban cities. The contrasts between contemporary architectural language and historical building structures with their rich textures are crucial for Tchoban to make the viewer experience variations of his urban environment. Some of his drawings depict cities in water, captured in an imaginative traveller’s diary. Other works integrate urban visions with imaginative elements such as glass bridges. Exploration of theatre, stage and exhibition design is also part of his artistic work. The stage design drawings and the pastel drawings show the monumental relationship between architecture and his country’s Soviet past. Yet history is not the only focus of the artist’s work; Tchoban also explores how contemporary architecture can exist in historical urban contexts and how new architectural visions can play a role in the creation of a future legacy.

In his work, Russian-German artist and architect Sergei Tchoban explores the way architecture looks at the past, present and future of culturally rich cities and socio-demographics of humanity. For his solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Rostock, Tereza de Arruda’s project proposal presents a selection of drawings realised in recent years. Within the framework of this exhibition, a unique overview of his production has been created, including a selection of works that are being presented to the public for the first time. Curated by art historian Tereza de Arruda, the exhibition will present around 30 drawings and illustrations of realised buildings by the artist at the Kunsthalle Rostock.

Sponsorship and support
The exhibition is supported by WG Schiffahrt Hafen Rostock eG

Curator: Tereza de Arruda

OPENING: December 04, 2021
VENUE: Kunsthalle Rostock
OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday; 11 AM – 6 PM
ADDRESS: Hamburger Straße 40, 18069 Rostock, Germany

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