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Oct 22–Dec 15, 2019


In a few minutes, you will move from the quiet Tiber embankment to the rapidly flying Kutuzovsky Prospekt, recharge with the energy of today’s Manhattan and see Uferstrasse of the future … An unusual exhibition of paintings and graphics in Zaryadye Park Media Center offers you to look at the popular centers of the world with the eyes of four artists who are fascinated by the image of cities.

The project displays works by recognized masters of urban landscape and architectural drawing – watercolors by Alvaro Castagnet from Uruguay and Thomas Schaller from the USA, Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, architect and graphic artist Sergei Tchoban, who works in Russia and Germany. All of them are keen not to only make reliable reproduction of reality, but also share their feelings and impressions of the urban environment with the audience. Developing old traditions and techniques, they at the same time find new artistic techniques for author’s statements about the spirit of place and time.

The exhibition will be located on two levels of the Media Center – in the media hall and exhibition hall. The first part of the exposition presents the works of participants in digital animation, made by one of the leading Russian companies for creating exhibition multimedia content – Digital Art Center ARTPLAY Media. For this section, each artist has chosen a city that he knows and loves well: Sergey Kuznetsov – Moscow, Sergey Tchoban – Berlin, Thomas Schaller – Rome, Alvaro Castagnet – New York. A video that dissolves the boundaries between reality and image will immerse viewers in the space of paintings and drawings, allowing them to experience the atmosphere of four attractive cities.

In the exhibition hall you can see the originals of the works engaged in the animation, as well as other works created by the authors during their trips to different countries. Being literally embodied in a multi-channel video, the name of the exhibition is manifested multifacetedly in four personal expositions designed by Planet 9 architectural bureau.

Sergei Tchoban’s delicate and accurate graphics reflects the idea of the motion of cities in time – through the renewal of urban fabric, the germination of the new through the old. The effect of dynamics is the basis of Alvaro Castagnet’s artistic compositions, created on a balance of clear and blurry outlines; it also is an essential element of Sergey Kuznetsov’s watercolors, which with a light brush convey the architecture, the flows of people and cars in the vibrations of the air. The feeling of motion, in particular, owing to the skillful black-and-white “directing”, penetrates through all the landscapes by Thomas Schaller.

The exhibition ‘Cities in Motion’ is a synthesis of man-made and digital art; it invites you to take a virtual walk through the most beautiful cities of the world and to appreciate from new angles the charm and diversity of the exhibition starting point – Moscow.

Photography: ©Vasily Bulanov



Opening to the Public: October 22 – December 15, 2019
VENUE:  Zaryadye Park, Media Center
ADDRESS: Exhibition Hall, 6 Varvarka St., building 1, 109012 Moscow