Sep 21, 2019–Feb 23, 2020


The 2019 Curitiba Biennial intends to incorporate said instigating contemporary condition, opening even more its expositive borders, creating partial venues, convergent with other countries – windows to another platform –, linking itself to artists in the entire world, to artistic production from every cardinal point in the globe and, in this edition, highlighting countries from another emerging geopolitics like the BRICS, with its new intercontinental orbit, as well as symbolic and meaningful European countries , an indispensable cartography and so strictly linked, both historically and culturally to the Americas, to Latin America, to Brazil, and materially to Curitiba. Not only the European cultural melting pot, but its richness and diversity have had a never seen transculturalization in the American continent, an autonomous creation – unprecedented anthropophagy and miscegenation – always worthy of independence, but also of new links and interworld dialectics, such as the new cultural and territorial interconnections of our globalized age. And the artists’ recognized vocation was of revaluating their roles as connectors, contributing to the work in progress that is every process of artistic research, imagery to attain new states of consciousness regarding the surrounding reality and the timeless problems of human condition. And, in consequence, contributing with new thoughts on the construction and the process of another history.